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Housing continues to have low inventory. The pandemic has slowed supply chains, while simultaneously scaring a part of the population of our cities.

3D printing will continue to revolutionize industries, and home building will be one of them.

Now a company says it has listed the first 3D printed house in the United States for sale. The Riverhead, New York, home is listed online through Zillow with an asking price of $299,999.

“This is the future, there is no doubt about it,” says Kirk Andersen, the director of operations at SQ4D Inc.

SQ4D uses automated building methods, or 3D printing, to build structures and homes.

“What we want to do is print homes fast, and cheap and strong,” Andersen said.

The company can set up its Autonomous Robotic Construction System at a build site in six to eight hours. It then lays concrete layer by layer, creating footing, the foundation of a house and the interior and exterior walls of the structure.


While this will surely shake the construction industry, it will lower costs and make home ownership possible for millions.