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Here is the first honorable use of venture capital: using the funds to design, prototype, test, and then build a rubber chicken pipe to smoke weed out of. The first time I saw Puff The Squeaky Chicken in real life, I can honestly say I was floored. What incredible stoners, I thought. After I used it for the first time, with a couple of friends in a basement, I was convinced: I was inhaling the future — or at least toking a vision of it.

The Verge

Their only post on LinkedIn refers to themselves as a dairy company. It’s probably the best, and only, description you’ll ever get of the startup behind AI-generated feet photos, an app for making stock investments based on astrological signs, and Nike sneakers filled with Holy Water.

Even its CEO and founder isn’t sure how to characterize the company.

Whaley is the founder and CEO of MSCHF, the company behind some of the most viral stunts, stories, and products that have spread throughout the meme-laden, cynical internet community. Their products are meant to poke fun at everything and anything, because MSCHF takes pride in pushing the boundaries.

Business Insider

While it seems like a wild concept with no long term viability, YouTuber Coffezilla did some sleuthing, and determined that MSCHF shares an address with Circo Global, a more mainstream products company that made the $100,000 puzzle with David Dobrik, and sells items that seem very similar to some of MSCHF’s more popular viral goods.

So, while on the surface it seems like an experimental concept, it may very be an intelligent and sneaky way of creating interest in their Spencer’s Gifts type of products with limited production drops, and then rebranding the most successful items for sale under Circo Global.

In any event, it was fun to learn about, and fun to write about.