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Talk about grabbing opportunities by the balls!. This was the case for a scammer who decided to reap from anti-5G. With the worldwide uproar on the 5G network, a scammer set up an e-commerce website in January to sell lotion 5G repellent. A lot of people who were against 5G decided to buy this lotion at $20 each. Despite the website being shut down in April, this “entrepreneur” already bagged $500k from people who were oblivious to the fact that the lotion was just very old Vaseline lotion mixed with old sunscreen. The lotion had already gained popularity, and after the website was shut down, resellers sold it on Amazon for four times more than what it was sold for.

While the government and networking companies are making sure that people refrain from following such illogical practices, a guy from Seattle made some cash by scamming the whole anti 5G community. He set up a website that sold “anti 5G repellent lotion” and surprisingly earned over half a million dollars since January.

The website had customers from all around the world but fortunately, the authorities found it and it was taken down on the 15th of April. The product from the site was advertised on the Facebook groups that promoted the whole agenda of anti 5G theories and people bought anti repellent lotions via Amazon in bulk. It was sold for $20 apiece but just before the site was removed, it had changed the price to $80 on eBay.

From Hayvine