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Over the years, other social media platforms users could only share tweets through screenshots. However, Snapchat wants to reinvent how tweets are shared by encouraging users towards more interactive embeds instead of screenshots. It is easy; you will now share tweets by tapping on them and navigating to the Snapchat icon. There is, however, a catch for this feature; it can only be used for tweets from public accounts and not the protected ones. Speaking to TechCrunch, a Twitter spokesperson said Twitter would love to partner with other platforms to help users share tweets hoping this partnership with Snapchat would be the genesis of more to come. This move might be what Twitter needed to bring more users on board.

Twitter users who are also logged into the Snapchat app on their phone will be able to access the functionality by tapping share on a particular tweet and navigating to the Snapchat icon where they’ll be able to share and react or comment on a Twitter post and send it to a friend or share on their story. The functionality will notably only work for tweets from public accounts, not protected ones.

From The Verge