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Project titan is reported to already be in existence and the company’s headquarters in California. A Taiwanese report says that suppliers will reportedly start ramping up the production of components in the second quarter of 2021. Another Reuter report says the Apple car will be here in 2024. The car is not a robotaxi but a car you can drive. Apple made plans in 2019 to push ahead with a physical car and not just software. For now, we rely on these reports for information on the car.

If you missed the Apple Car hoopla in the past, the technology giant was rumored to be close to revealing a prototype car last decade before the project was shelved. Instead, Apple decided to focus on self-driving car software and left the hardware to other companies. Unlike some technology companies and startups, Apple wasn’t looking to build a robotaxi, but instead, a personal vehicle you can drive.

From Road Show