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Some kitchens are specifically to deliver food; there are no restaurant services. These kitchens, sometimes referred to as ghost kitchens, operate alongside virtual restaurants to offer delivery-only services. Delivery services have been utilized by Chinese restaurants for decades, making the most out of them. The pizza industry has also been maximizing these delivery services. Cloud kitchens mostly have centralized facilities for producing food.

Maybe you’re thinking: “this is nothing new” and in a way, you are right. Chinese restaurants have been making the most of delivery for decades. And the pizza industry has practically built its business around optimizing for delivery. But moving to a delivery-only model has been made possible recently by advances in technology and changes in consumer habits. It offers certain advantages over offering delivery from a traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant.

From The Food Corridor

These facilities are licensed, and a facility can be rented by one or more restaurants providing space to prepare optimized menu items to be delivered. These kitchens use the data on food delivery apps to determine the types of foods to be produced. With COVID, these businesses seem to be on the rise because of the high demand for meal delivery now that there are lockdowns imposed in various places. Cloud kitchens are making mealtimes easier for many during this pandemic.